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Registration Information
Passport information
International Travel / Warnings
Medical Info / Vaccines
Equipment list / Travel tips
Tipping guidelines
Where to buy Airline tickets, Hiking and Travel gear, and books about your trip
Release Forms
Application form

Brief details about your One Moon adventure:
We strongly urge you to make your reservations as early as 5 months or more in advance, in order to be sure that you may have your trip and dates!
1. You will be required to sign a release form. This will be sent to you when One Moon receives your intitial application. It must be returned to us no less than two weeks before your scheduled departure. No release-no trip.
2. Deposits - An initial deposit of 35% must be received by One Moon to reserve your trip. This must be received no less than 30 days prior to departure (
Up to 3 months in advance for Inca Trail trips ! ).
Again, we recommend 3 months or more in advance! This is a non-refundable deposit if you should cancel your trip 45 days or less before departure. If One Moon must cancel a trip for circumstances beyond our control, you will receive a full refund. Further details on application.Download full payment info.
3. To make an initial application just email, telephone or mail the following information:
   A. Your full name and age
   B. Your address, and telephone number.
   C. Name of trip you'd like to be on, i.e. "Inca Odyssey"
   D. Requested dates, and optional dates.
   E. Number of persons in your party.
One Moon will then contact you in regards to your deposit, vaccination requirements,
release forms, travel documents, etc.

Click the following link to download all required forms to complete your application Download application now

Note: Accomodations- Hostals (means small hotels in Peru) are 3 star or better- clean, hot water, and meet our own high standards. We do not use "backpacker hostels" !
4. Trip costs may vary depending on number of travelers, customization, etc. Just write for a quote. We will be very competitive!
5. We accept major credit cards, personal checks, and other forms of payment.

Passport information:
A valid passport is required to travel to Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Mexico and Chile, and most other countries. Read all passport regulations

International Travel / Warnings
For information (everything you ever wanted to know) about the country you'll be
visiting, straight from the CIA's World Factbook, click on that country's link below:
Chile   Argentina   Peru   Bolivia   Mexico   Brazil  
For passport and visa information, visit the US State Department website:
For information on vaccine recommendations, go to the Center for Disease Control

Medical Info / Vaccinations
Equipment list / travel tips -Download more info(adobe pdf)

Tipping guidelines- Restuarants, guides, hotel workers, taxis, porters and more. Know how much to give. Download .pdf

Where to buy the airline tickets, travel insurance, books and gear you will need.
One Moon works with several business
parners to find you the best gear  and the best prices. Click here for our recommendations.

Release forms . download

Application. download

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